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>> sean: thank you we'll have more tomorrow night. as always thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled, the news continues. greta is gonna take it away see you tomorrow night. thanks for being with us. >> greta: it is over, at least part of it is over. seven years after the beginning of the war in iraq, president obama announcing the end of combat operations. >> the president: so tonight i'm announcing the american combat mission in iraq has ended. operation iraqi freedom is over. and the iraqi people now have lead responsibility for the security of their country. this was my pledge to the american people as a candidate for this office. our combat mission is ending. but our commit element to iraq's future isú" not. -- our commitment to iraq's future is not. going forward a transitional force will remain with a different mission this afternoon i spoke to former president george w. bush. it is well-known that he and i
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disagreed about the war from its outset yet, no one can doubt president bush's support four -- for our troops and love of country. there were patriots who supported this war and patriots who opposed it. all of us are united in appreciation for our servicemen and women and our hope's for iraq's future. if he >> greta: senator, why did president obama give this speech? >> well, this is a transition moment. combat operations inn%áñ general the commander in iraq indicated that we could withdraw 50,000 troops. i guess the president is trying to let american people know that combat operations are over and that's something that we've been hoping for, for a long time. i think it is a missed opportunity by the president, frankly to lay the cards out
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on the table and acknowledge not only did he and the president have differences, but president bush made adjustments in 2007 that led to the success we are having today. i really wish president obama would acknowledge that i i think that would have been a classy thing to have done. >> greta: i think you are making reference to the surge. which backing up from president bush 43 supporting it, former candidate for president and senator mccain was probably the first to raise it publicly, we should more troops. then senator barack obama was opposed to it. >> yeah, well if you look back president bush is gonna get some blame for allowing iraq to deteriorate. he's going to get credit for the surge. senator mccain was the big push of the surge politically. going forward, president obama will get his fair share of the credit if we are successful in iraq. and he's going to get the lion's share of the blame if we fail. the one thing the speech
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didn't emphasize enough was combat operations may have ended but iraq is not over by any stretch of the imagination. they haven't formed a government yet and i'm worried about it. i wish the obama administration would pick up the pace to get the parties to reconcile and come up with a new government. without that the country is going back into chaos. >> greta: i suppose the president is going to get a little heat tomorrow morning by the fact that he of course is the -- is supporting the surge in afghanistan and has told the american people how effective that is and should be and will be even though he opposed the surge we he was a candidate. he's going to get hit at least for that inconsistency, maybe it is not, i don't know. >> i hope he's learned that what president bush and senator mccain pushed in iraq and he opposed worked. i'm glad he's trying to do something similar in afghanistan. i give him credit for adjusting and changing. >> greta: let me ask you about
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the speech. some things i wondered if they were simply political. at one point he's talking about the timeline in afghanistan. he says and next july we will begin a transition to afghan responsibility. he goes on later to say, but make no mistake this transition will begin because open-ended war serves near our interest nor the afghan people. of course that's popular with much of his base electing him. i guess to throw into the mix let me give you some sound of what general conway has said about the idea of talking about timelines. >> probably giving our enemy us is . he may be saying in fact we've intercepted communications that say we only have to hold out for so long. >> greta: why put into this speech tonight even if he intends to meet that timeline why make that public announcement? >> i think you put your finger on it. there was a base element.
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he's reminding the democratic base before the november election i promised to end combat operations in iraq and i've delivered that's a big deal to the left. the truth is, this whole draw down was negotiated by president bush. he's trying to reinforce to those who opposed this war, that come july we are going to withdraw troops the only issue is how fast and how many? when awe announce you are going to withdraw troops next july the enemy doesn't here an enduring commitment they hear you are going to leave. he's made a mess of it in afghanistan by putting this condition of withdrawal. it may play well in the left of the democratic party, but it is not gonna play afghanistan, pakistan or iraq. >> greta: i thought it was interesting the way the speech started -- of course it was in the oval office which has huge significance to us americans. he talks about iraq. this was to announce the end of the combat phase.
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he morphs into afghanistan, it is related, we are at war there. then he goes into -- he used the timeline thing maybe a little suspicious it was political. then he goes into the economy on the war. is that a necessary part of this discussion? or is that political? >> i think he's trying to let the american people know about withdrawing troops from iraq we are going to have one less financial obligation, give me credit for reducing a financial burden on the country. what he should have been talking about to me is that we've come a long way in iraq. we are close transforming the mideast. vastly safer by iraq becoming a democracy, versus a dictatorship, having a democracy in the heart of the mideast and arab world transformative event he recognized the sacrifice of the troops. he didn't put it in context. the ones who died and were injured have made us all safer. he should have transitioned to afghanistan and say to the world at large our enemies and our friends, i'm going to have
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the same committeement of winning in afghanistan that president bush showed winning in iraq that's what i wanted him to say. not reinforce it, we are going to leave next july. not talk about the economic benefit of withdrawing from iraq. talking about the fact we took terrorism on with the iraqi people and we are on the verge of winning. >> greta: the big elephant in the room, i don't mean in reference to the republican party, the big elephant in the room is the reason at least i understood why we went in was weapons of mass destruction. that wasn't mentioned. of course that wasn't under under this president's watch. how do we handle that with the american people? that was the original reason. >> well, here's what we need to tell the american people. that the intelligence from all over the world was that saddam hussein was trying to develop weapons of mass destruction. he had used weapons of mass destruction own people. he invaded his neighbors he was up to no good, funding
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suicide bombers attacking israel. the president should reminded the world and the american people that saddam hussein being replaced and the sacrifice that was necessary to replace him by the iraqi and made it safer and al-qaeda got their nose bloodied big name iraq with muslims aligning with us to take on al-qaeda elements who went to undermine us in iraq and the big story of iraq is that al-qaeda got beat by muslims with our help. >> greta: except of course there's the problem that used the weapons of mass destruction against his own people in 1985 or 1989 that's a problem. >> can i just say something? >> greta: let me just say one other thing. as everybody got the intelligence wrong. everybody, whether it is tony blair or democrats or republicans. the problem is we pay everybody to get it right. >> here's the good news.
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saddam hussein is dead. the iraqi people have a chance to live in freedom. to create a functioning democracy between syria and iran and al-qaeda has been taken on by muslims with our help iraq is a transformative event as the war on terror the next fight is in afghanistan. it is not about when we leave in afghanistan it is about what we leave behind. history will judge president obama not by the day we left iraq but by what we left behind. the same true in afghanistan. we are in a war that is is going to go on for a long time. iraq and afghanistan are two big battles. we are about to win in iraq. we should have american troops in iraq after 2011. it would be wise to have an american military presence for a time to come to secure the gains we've struggled and sacrificed to achieve. i think would it be a mistake to leave iraq totally without some american military presence for the foreseeable future. >> greta: senator, thank you sir.
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>> thank you. >> greta: coming up colonel north reacts to president obama's speech. combat marine for more than 20 years what does he think about the president's speech? and karl rove is here. >> plus, breaking news out of mexico. bombs at a bar. a tourist hot spot you may have vacationed in. it is getting worse in mexico and we have the latest. ya. uhhuh. mhhmm. oh i know. that was cute. right. honey eat. [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni and cheese. you know you love it.
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>> greta: president obama announcing the official end of u.s. combat operations in iraq. colonel north a combat marine for over 20 years joins us. breaking news the north family. it is really breaking news. >> it was on my way in my beautiful daughter gave birth to our 12 grandchild beautiful 6 pound 9 ounce baby girl now they've got three girls, two boys and it is wonderful. >> greta: congratulations. iraq, who is left behind? >> the guys left behind are going to be support personnel to make sure the logistics get handled. what is not being talked about, he didn't mention it in his speech -- >> greta: he being the president? >> he being mr. barack obama, those staying behind to conduct combat operations. they are conducting combat operations. >> greta: why are we ending
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combat operations? >> that was status of agreement negotiated by the bush administration that said we would stop combat operations as defined by the status of agreement. you have special operators now working close commando units, swat units and the like bringing the iraqis up on their stuff. not withstanding anxiety about what is happening politically iraqi security services are as good as any other police force in the world. when an iraqi citizen calls for help today, they dial their equivalent of 911. they do not expect brutality to show up at the door. one of the benefits of having u.s. military training not just in tactics and how to use a weapon, but how to conduct it with human rights. >> greta: special operations left behind it is my understanding they are to train iraqi military. so we are still -- this is a
10:15 pm
new phase? >> a training advisory and mentoring role. they go with them on those operations. very often the intelligence developed in one of these -- developed by u.s. intelligence much being done by contractor personnel because we don't have enough military to do that. >> greta: we lost four to five thousand american troops. what -- i know they have a lot of pride these men and women who have served. the sacrifice is so huge. i'm wondering, they poured their heart and soul and they've given their lives and changed their lives for us. what have they gotten in return? >> the proper definition of the word hero is a person who puts themselves at risk for the benefit of others. their families and they -- i was at the hospital today for a young guy who lost both his
10:16 pm
legs. it is grieve vows to see it. you hear a person say i wish i could be back with my mates, i know i can't be and i'm not sorry i served my country. today we still have the finest military force, mr. obama mentioned that today. the finest military force the world has seen. in spite of the political polary that goes with it. >> greta: they've done everything we've asked and more have we done everything we can for them it doesn't seem -- it is distressing to see politicians fighting over things and the political maneuvering over intelligence and whatever. have we fallen short with them? >> yes. we've let them down politically in this city in large part, there does not seem to be a grasp of how important a political outcome is going to be in iraq and
10:17 pm
afghanistan. between those two countries, you have a country building nuclear weapons. he didn't mention that tonight. the iranians are building nuclear weapons. you have two countries on either side of it in which americans have sacrificed blood and treasure. god willing at the end of the day both will be pro western governments, they will respect human rights and will not become havens for al-qaeda and the like. and they will help us when it comes time to deal with iran. he didn't mention that tonight but he should have. >> greta: what about timeline? general conway said that's stupid you telegraph your enemy. >> not to put words in his mouth he said the enemy is taking some solace in the fact there's a timeline. karzai has said the same thing. so have senior military leadership of every one of the coalition leaders that general -- petraeus has. by the way immenses general
10:18 pm
petraeus, great. he gives credit to troops. the commanding general in iraq has been out there over five years his son wounded. why didn't barack obama mention him tonight? >> greta: the fact is there are many heroes out there, i don't think he could mention everybody. you know, there are just thousands of people to be mentioned. i don't mean to take it from the general -- >> 1.5 million americans have served in this war. >> greta: so many have given so much more than i will ever give to my country. i don't think the president can name everybody tonight. >> he couldn't have not in 19 minutes. >> greta: congratulations on the new grand child. >> karl rove joins us. in the second oval office address president obama mentions karl's former boss. and governor sarah palin commemorated in an unalaskan
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>> greta: is a fox news alert. just coming out of the state of alaska. senator lisa murkowski has
10:22 pm
just con sided the race for the nomination to -- conceded the race for the nomination to run on the republican ticket for senator for the state of alaska. she has called joe miller. she has said a minute ago that i don't see a scenario in which the primary will turn out in my favor. the absentee ballots, they began counting them today. stunning news out of the state of alaska senator lisa murkowski, incumbent conceding to joe miller who was a candidate sue poured heavily by governor sarah palin and many in the -- supported heavily by governor sarah palin and many in the state. >> did you hear this? >> the president: unfortunately, over the last decade we've not done what is necessary to shore up the foundations of our own prosperity. we spent a trillion dollars at
10:23 pm
war. financed by borrowing from overseas this in turn has shortchanged investments in our own people and contributed to record deficits. for too long we have put off tough decisions on everything from our manufacturing base to our energy policy to education reform. as a result, too many middle class families find themselves working harder for less. our nation's long term competitiveness is put at risk. >> greta: was president obama using this speech in part to blame president bush? karl rove joins us. karl before we get to this, let me turn your attention for a second to the breaking news out of alaska. senator lisa murkowski has conceded the primary against miller what an upset in alaska, isn't it? >> it really is. nearly three decades of service by the murkowski family. lisa and her father before her have now ended with defeat in
10:24 pm
the republican primary pretty amazing. they had 20,000 ballots that they were either absentees or provisional ballots they had to count. i suspect when they began counting today her observers in those count rooms probably saw they were not breaking dramatically for her. she needed to win those by 54, 55, 56% depending on how many there were to overcome the nearly 1600 vote deficit she had. obviously her people said to her it wasn't breaking her way. >> greta: double for governor sarah palin. she beat senator murkowski's father to be governor. now she endorsed joe miller someone who is well-known in the political world to upset now senator lisa murkowski, governor murkowski's daughter. it is the behind the scenes story in alaska is fascinating. >> it really is. end of an era. >> greta: all right.
10:25 pm
back to president obama's speech tonight. the by the we just place -- the bite we just played, unfortunately, over the last decade, i get that includes the time you were working for president bush in the white house, we have not done what is necessary to shore up the foundation of our own prosperity. what is your thought about that? >> i think he's right. that we failed to shore up our prosperity and we failed to do so in 2005 when democrats, including barack obama filibustered a bill to rein in fannie mae and freddie mac before they blew up the housing budget. he makes himself look small and weak when he criticizes his predecessor when he has culpability, responsibility for having supported fanny and freddie when they were at their worst behavior helped blocked reform. there's a bigger story, the
10:26 pm
story of the speech of which this is a part and parcel. i couldn't figure out if this speech was about praising our troops and describing what we face in the war on terror in afghanistan and iraq or if it was a domestic speech designed to say you know what, let's get out of -- we've gotten out of iraq as quickly as we can he, we are rushing for the door because i need to get reelected and democrats reelected by talking economy, manufacturing jobs and green jobs and all the things we ought to do to get our economy going. that made it look and sound intensely political. it made it sound like he was more concerned about november 2nd, and elections than about the long term security implications of a secure iraq and a victory in afghanistan. >> greta: i thought going into the speech it was coming from the oval office, huge significance announcement of a milestone in the iraqi war. of course we heard about
10:27 pm
afghanistan, which is related. then we went off into the economy. win thing i thought was interesting is that while there's so much discussion across the nation right now about the economy, if you listen to what the president says, he said because of our draw down in iraq, we are now able to apply the resources necessary to go on offense. he was talking about in afghanistan. the resources from iraq are going to afghanistan, not coming home to support our economy. we are now going to finance afghanistan whether it is necessary or not, obviously we need do something in afghanistan. but that's where the money is going. >> look, the security interests of the united states -- imagine how much damage was done to our economy when we were hit on 9/11. it is important to keep al-qaeda on the run and defeat it, run it underground and destroy it. that has curey, economic and prosperity implications for the united states. i'm glad he did set one falsehood aside the idea we spent three trillion in iraq. we spent less than a trillion.
10:28 pm
if spending a trillion is bad he spent a trillion on the stimulus bill. more than a trillion on the health care bill expanded the size of the government by 25% in less than a year. running back-to-back trillion dollar deficits. if a trillion is a problem for the country he has four, five trillion he's talking about here. what was the purpose of tonight's spaoefplt? was educate the country about the -- states can what what was the purpose of tonight's speech? was it to educate the country, or say we are >> greta:ing out and letting the door hit us. as you know economy is number one job for me. woo you think i'm doing a lousy job i'm trying to do a good job and going to spend everyday getting it done? i was not an appropriate tone for a speech on iraq and afghanistan. >> greta: stay where you are.
10:29 pm
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. >> greta: fox news weather alert. it is dangerous andjgc getting more dangerous. hurricane earl is now a category 4 heading to the east coast at this hour fema is preparing for possible evacuations. the national hurricane center set earl is large and intense and is warning that earl is churning northwestward over the atlantic towards our east coast. earl could drown out your labor day weekend plans even if earl doesn't strike land we could get hammered with highways, drenching rains, flooding and damaging high winds. according to trackers earl may strike the outer banks of north carolina fly day and land near cape cod saturday. fema chief says we do not have a forecasted landfall we
10:33 pm
expect impacts along the coast. stay tuned to fox news for the latest on hurricane earl. karl rove is back with us. there's a mystery in the president's speech he says among other things, this afternoon i spoke to former president george w. bush. he goes on to say, it is well-known he and i disagree from the war at the outset no one could doubt the president's love for our troops. can you tip us off? any clue -- he just says this afternoon i spoke to former president george w. bush said what and heard what? >> i deliberately didn't call president bush after that because i knew you would ask that question and i wanted to plead complete ignorance. i don't know what they said. it struck me odd. when he said no one can doubt -- i've learned a long time ago when a politician said no one can doubt, there is a
10:34 pm
doubt. i think it would be better had he said i talked to president bush. we all know he loves our troops. he loves our country and is deeply concerned about our security interests. i was check in the box quality. i need put bush's name in. i'm not going to give him credit for the surge. i'm not going to admit i was wrong. i'm not going to acknowledge president bush negotiated the force as agreement that had this deadline in it. how can i get away with the base minimum possible? i thought it was an attempt to graciousness but didn't succeed. >> greta: let me back up to where i starred with senator graham. what is the wisdom of giving the speech? would he had been better off to move on, acknowledge the troops, visit the troops. he's raised so many different topics in this speech. maybe taking a shot at president bush, i'm not sure.
10:35 pm
why do this speech? >> i'm with you on this. first of all, it is the second oval office address he's given. he gives a lot of primetime evening speeches is only the second oval office address. i think it would have been better to mark the day by being with the troops as he was in el paso and not to have made a big speech. there's a point of weakness. we don't yet have a government in iraq if write sitting in the middle east, friend or foe, i would be thinking this was a sign that the united states government, under this president is rushing to leave the region. for friend and foe that is bad news. for the foe, it encourages 'em. for our friend it discourages 'em. i agree. in is why it left me with a sense this was more about domestic politics than about educating the american people as to the strug al head in afghanistan and the challenges facing iraq or a celebration
10:36 pm
of what has happened to this point. this tone was not that of a confident, strong nation that has succeeded in an important endeavour sending a signal to the rest of the world that it is a reliable, dependable ally. this had that tone of 1972 mcgovern speech, come home america. we are rushing to get out. we to pay attention to green energy jobs. we got all these things we gotta do at home this was not a well delivered speech with a particularly well chosen moment. >> greta: the world is so interlocked now. pakistan, afghanistan, iraq all these countries are paying attention to each other, yemen, all of them. if i thought he thinks that he's speaking only to the american people what is gonna happen are the he lines tomorrow in some of these countries. i fear some of the horrible rotten things used as a recruitment tool. i think it might have been
10:37 pm
shrewder to mark this day with the troops and not hand our enemy some potential ammunition to poison others. >> i agree if he were to choose this day and be stuck with it, i think the tone could have been to say, the success of our efforts with the iraqi people and the iraqi government are a signal throughout the region of america's determination and desire of the people in the region to live free in o'in its security in essence this warning to the terrorists throughout the region. instead there was little of that tone. i've gone back in preparation, read some of harry truman's speeches in change in japan from military to civilian rule. like korea after the armistice. eisenhower said i'm going to korea, when the war ended you don't see a tone of well now great we are going to be out of korea, back in the united states we can attend to
10:38 pm
job ness and the economy it was a strong and confident message of america's leadership in the world. that was missing in tonight's speech. >> i might add, i'm going to take the last word that was before the internet when everything was abused and used. karl, thank you. next up, horrible news out of mexico. hours ago a bombing. wait until you hear where it happened. >> later, dnc slams a building named governor who you have seen many times here.
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nobody sells more real estate . visit today. >> greta: there's much more ahead but first to our new york newsroom with ainsley earhardt. >> reporter: new developments surrounding the plight of those 33 miners. work is finally underway on a rescue shaft. the drilling operation could take months. rescuers have managed to get solid food down to the men through a small hole. nasa team onsite to help the miners cope with isolation similar they say to being in space. >> zsa zsa gabor is back in the hospital her husband calling for help after finding her unresponsive. the 93-year-old has been in and out of hospitals since breaking her hip in july. she was partially paralyzed in a car accident in 2002 and declined any more medical procedures during a hospital stay this month. she was given her last rites
10:43 pm
and brought him recently. i'm ainsley earhart. for more check out griff jenkins is talking to small business owners. here in st. louis. >> reporter: we've hit the ground running in st. louis, missouri where vice president biden addressed the democratic national committee. he talked about jobs. he talked about the economy. which is why we continue to let our viewers directly from small business owners -- breakly hear from small business owners. now you hear from someone who sells hot tubs, restaurant owner and hairstylist. you sell hot tubs karen. how is business? how are you doing? >> we are surviving the economy. we are not doing the numbers
10:44 pm
that we need. but we're currently still in business. but we definitely could use a boost. we need taxes cut. if i were running the united states, like our small business, you have to run it tight. you have to run it by watching all of your expenses. you have to watch everything. if our government would do that we wouldn't have to be paying as many taxes and we could have the people actually get a lower tax rate so they could come in and purchase goods. that's the only way we are going to get our economy off to a start. >> reporter: owner of four restaurants. this one you've had for 12 years. jim are you doing in this economy? >> the economy has definitely changed. even before the economy changed, i did some things because i had a sense things were going in that direction. so i started offering lower
10:45 pm
price gourmet meals. so people can come here instead of just ordering a piece of chicken or a rack of lamb or something like that and leaving, i offer a four course tasting menu. like it is in new york or san francisco, you might have tasting menus where people come in and eat multiple courses it might be over $100 a head. in st. louis i started that opening up that type of dining to customers here for $25. >> reporter: some small business owners i've talked to have had trouble getting access to credit and some had to cut jobs. have you had any problems with either of those? >> which would say i lined up credit before the bank problems and all that. i have talked a little to the banks. all my bankers have said the money is not as easy as it
10:46 pm
was. so i've continued on the -- i run with a line of credit. so if i -- i can access it for a little while and pay it back, access and pay it back. that's how i operate here. >> reporter: you are a great success story. because you really made yourself flexible and was able to absorb the downturn in the economy. how long do you think it goes? >> i think it all goes -- i think that we have to be as small businessmen everybody has to look at their own niche and see what works for them. if i didn't change, you know, maybe the other -- maybe the other restaurants would still be around, but maybe the higher end restaurant would be adept -- adapting in a different way. >> reporter: krista runs a salon, salon elle. how are you doing? >> really well.
10:47 pm
i've had business for six years. in my business everybody wants to look good. if everything else is going bad in the economy, and they are feeling bad they don't have money, they can't go anywhere, they can't do anything, they don't want to make any big purchases, they definitely want to look good. i've noticed they will still come in, get their hair done. that way they feel good. they may save a little money as far as going out and not going out to dinners much. they will eat at home or digging into their savings but they are still getting their hair done. i'm ready for whatever they can do to get these people back working. that is is the only thing that is going to help my business to get more people working. more people feeling comfortable about pending that going to help me as far as stylists coming here to work and to buy a product or spending a little more as far as adding an extra service to what they normally get. >> greta: next up for griff,
10:48 pm
toledo, ohio. >> more violence. molotov cocktails exploded in mexico. the violence is spreading, now hitting a bar in cancun. yesterday american born drug cartel leader la barbie was captured that is great news. early this morning last gene bombs in a bomb killing eight8mñ mexicans, a few miles from the main tourist drag. the state's attorney general says two vehicles pulled up, both black and six armed men tossed molotov cocktails. according to to a mexican newspaper the bar refused to a examine for -- extortionists which might have lead to the attack. mexican tourists have mostly avoided the violence affecting other cities. >> we have -- later why is former governor sarah palin looking a little wooden today?
10:49 pm
dnc clawing at a republican governor over something to do with health care. you will find out who and what we are talking about, next. piggy: weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeeeee, weeeee weeeeeeee. mom: max. ...maxwell! piggy: yeah? mom: you're home. piggy: oh,cool, thanks mrs. a. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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>> greta: here is the best of the rest: congressman anthony weiner of new york calling the gop the a
10:53 pm
congressman uses twitter as his weapon this time. how about in, tweeting it takes a great man to build a barn, any jack blank can kick it down. campaign 2010 you with the builders or the blanks? that should stir the pot. we'll keep you updated on that tweeter war. we just got back from alaska, now a new tv crew is in the last frontier looking for stupid alaskan tricks for a new tv show. this alaskan trying to impersonate the iditarod the famous dog sled race on water. trying to fillet a salmon blind folded this woman does pull-ups on a pair of moose antlers. for a tribute to the former governor a bust of governor palin, armed with a chainsaw and a log. >> the dnc versus governor
10:54 pm
pawlenty. the democratic committee slams the governor after the governor issues an order telling state agencies to reject all discretionary participation in the federal health care law. the dnc saying the order might as well have read you will hence forth work for my presidential ambitions instead of the people of minnesota. mocking the language of the order, whereas, i'm -- i'm polling at one percent in iowa despite spending more time there than most minnesota counties this year. governor pawlenty will be here to go on the record. >> they say a leopard never changes his spots. this tiger is not only changing his stripes, he's losing them. this white tiger cub is turning from white to black. his legs have changed color. the cub's siblings legs have stayed white. zoo officials say the color
10:55 pm
change could be genetic. there you have the best of the rest. still ahead, your last call. we have a bizarre way to look at the recession with rose-colored glasses. unusual optimism headed your way. >>. >> for strong bones, i take calcium.
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. >> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights, it's time. last call. as you know things are bad when jay leno is telling president obama to follow
10:59 pm
russia's lead. sheer jay. >> according to latest polls russian prime minister putin has an approveal rating of 59%, very high. experts say it's because he improved the economy. the fact it works so well, many democrats in congress are thinking of trying it here. according to a report in "time" magazine experts say that this recession, they try to make lemonade here, saying recession is go g.for people, because fewer people drive to work meaning fewer deaths from auto accidents. fewer people can afford to eat so we don't gain as much weight. that means president obama's economic plan is also his health care plan. it's genius. >> that is your last call. lights are blinking and we're closing down shop. make sure you follow us on twitter, you can sign up to get tweets every time we post something on greta wire. right now, and until then, keep it here on fox news channel. most power full name in news.

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